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    Voices after qualifying for Race 1 at Silverstone

    Silverstone 18 settembre 2021

    James Swift and Laurent de Meeus were the best performers in their respective classes at the end of the 30-minute qualifying session to determine the Race 1 grid. In a session conditioned by the cancellation of the times recorded by some of the series' protagonists due to exceeding track limits, the drivers of Dick Lovett Swindon and H.R. Owen London were also the fastest on our microphones.

    James Swift, Pole Position, Trofeo Pirelli Qualifying 1: “You have to push to the edge, to make the lap times, but you also have to respect the rules of the racetrack. We just seemed to keep it tidy today. It’s great to see Andie Stokoe alongside me, he has done a fantastic job. He has wanted that for a long time, and I don’t think it will be too long before we see him on pole. Turn 4 and 5 are a bit tricky here and people can be a bit over aggressive, so I hope I can get a good run into turn 1 and 2 and then if everything stays in order, we should be in good shape.”

    Laurent de Meeus, Pole Position, Coppa Shell Qualifying 1: “I didn’t drive yesterday because I only arrived to the track today, so to do a good lap under the pressure is great. I could have found a little more time, but the track limit rules here make it a bit difficult to really do a great lap. So I am happy with the lap I think I can do about half a second better in qualifying tomorrow if I am given the chance. I am really happy. After having my lap time deleted last weekend at Spa Francorchamps, I have a bit of revenge to take this weekend so I am very hungry for success. I want to win.”