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    Quotes from Trofeo Pirelli Race 1

    Valencia 19 giugno 2021

    We met up with the protagonists from the first round of the Trofeo Pirelli who were on the podium alongside winners Niccolò Schirò and Christian Brunsborg.

    Thomas Neubauer, second place in Trofeo Pirelli: “I couldn’t find the correct pace throughout the race and only at the end was I able to cut down some of the gap with Schirò but by then it was too late. Now the aim is to be able to set up the car for tomorrow and try to finish in a good position.”

    Michelle Gatting, third place in Trofeo Pirelli: “Qualifying went pretty well and starting from the front row was an advantage as it is very difficult to overtake on the Valencia track. I made a good start and, in the middle of the race, I saw Thomas Neubauer was having some difficulties and so I started pushing to try to reach him but, after he made some mistakes and I had some issues with the tyres, so from then on, my only goal became to finish the race. However, I finished ahead of Luca Nurmi and John Wartique. Tomorrow I will try to achieve the pole position.”

    Sergio Paulet, second place in Trofeo Pirelli Am: “I would have been happier if I had achieved first place but the racing conditions weren’t favourable for me as I prefer dry conditions. In spite of everything I think I did a good job, but Christian Brunsborg put me under pressure and in the end his pace was faster. However, I am very happy to be on my home circuit and tomorrow I will try to get my revenge.”

    Ange Barde, third place in Trofeo Pirelli Am: “I am satisfied with the result because I keep improving more and more, even though I had a few issues in qualifying. It was a positive day for my team-mate too and I hope to replicate it tomorrow.”