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    Snetterton Sunday Driver Quotes after Quali

    Snetterton 11 luglio 2021

    The Ferrari Challenge UK drivers were faced with overcast conditions in their second day at Snetterton: qualifying was dry, and the rain held off for the race. The track remained dry and cool.

    James Swift, Trofeo Pirelli Pole Position: “The lap was good - the car was set-up well. I thought about where I went wrong yesterday in practice, obviously qualifying was wet, and I got the lap time I thought I could get in my head when I reviewed my performance last night. So [I’m] really pleased. I need to do a better formation lap , and warm up the tires better -  Lucky (Khera) was all over me for 4 or 5 laps in the last race, which was hard work. So as long as I can perform well in the first couple of laps, I should be able to manage the pace for the rest of the race.”

    Graham de Zille, Coppa Shell Pole Position: “It feels very good to take my sixth pole of the season, I am very happy. The car went well this morning and I am looking forward to a good race this afternoon. Looks like it is going to stay dry, so it’s going to be fairly fraught - we are all around the same times in qualifying, so I just need to keep out of trouble and hopefully come home in a good position.