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    Jackson on the hunt for a podium place in Valencia

    Valencia 18 giugno 2021

    A passion for racing and for the world of Ferrari pushed Omar Jackson to make the leap into the Prancing Horse single-marque series. The early rounds have served as an apprenticeship for the British driver to build confidence and get to grips with the car. He will now be aiming at a podium place. 


    This is your debut season in the Prancing Horse series. What were the reasons that led you to choose this single-marque series and continue your adaptation in the series?

    “I chose this series because it is pure competition and it will contribute to my growth: I have participated in other races in other championships but then I had a long period of stoppage due to injuries. Now I'm ready to get back into the game. Also, Ferrari is my favourite brand and therefore it was an almost natural choice. I love the whole Ferrari world and it's almost as if it were a family.”

    The Trofeo Pirelli Am is a very competitive class. How do you rate your opponents’ level?

    “The championship is challenging and I believe that every year the level of the drivers gets higher and higher. It was a bit difficult to get settled in even though I took part in a few races in the Ferrari Challenge UK, but I really didn't know what to expect from the European series. I’m all set for the race in Valencia, I have improved a lot as a driver and I have prepared myself as best I can to aim for the podium.”

    Defending the colours of HR Owen - FF Corse, one of the historic teams in the championship. How important is the contribution of the team to improving performances?

    "In individual sports you only think about yourself, while in the world of racing it is very different and you can't get an exact idea until you experience it personally. It is not just getting the car on the track: you have to check the technical aspects, talk to the engineers and decide on strategies to improve the performance. I thank all the collaborators because in my opinion there is no good driver without a great team behind them.”