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    Driver comments from The Race-2 Podium

    Donington Park 26 giugno 2022

    In the second round of the fourth round held at the Donington Park track there was no shortage of excitement. The drivers, who raced under cloudy skies, animated all thirty minutes of racing with overtaking and attacks.

    Andrew Morrow, Trofeo Pirelli winner 

    Graham De Zille, third place Trofeo Pirelli: “Two podiums in the same weekend, best result so far this year now we are in the Trofeo Pirelli class. I think there is a little inherited luck, as you have to work a lot hard in this class, compared to Coppa Shell. You are racing the same guys – sort of – but you have to work harder. I need to work on my stamina but we have some time before the next round to work on that. Andrew Morrow (Charles Hurst) is phenomenal, he doesn’t put a foot wrong, he is a class act. I’m impressed”.

    Coppa Shell

    Jason Ambrose, Coppa Shell winner

    Stuart Marston, second place Coppa Shell: “Unbelievable. I’m getting closer. I knew it was going to be tough from the start. Paul Rogers and Paul Simmerson were in front and I managed to get passed them on the first lap, then I just tired to stick with Jason Ambrose and stay with him to see if I can match his pace, as he has been a lot quicker than me over the last few races. I managed to stay with him but the tyres started to go at the end, which is a bit scary. Time is running out and you’ve got those two behind me but I held on to it and picked up my first second place finish. One more step to go”.  

    Paul Simmerson, third place Coppa Shell: “I got on better in the second race than the first; it was very tight, with some very close racing. I got a reasonable start, I thought I was OK and I was battling Rogers and then Marston got passed us both. At every corner, Rogers was after me and I thought if he holds back and follows me, we can catch Marston, but I was battling so hard with Rogers and I couldn’t catch him. Later in the race, Marston’s tyres were passed their best and I started to catch him towards the end. If I had of tried it, I could have gone for him in turn 1, turn 3, turn 5 but if I did, it would have been a bit of lunge, I was a bit too far back to catch him”.