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    Genter’s Nürburgring ambitions

    Nürburgring 28 agosto 2021

    German driver Werner Genter is preparing to take up a new challenge at the Nürburgring, well-aware of his own strengths and the importance of taking things one step at a time, while at the same time, having considerably improved in a short period of time. His ambitions have also grown, with the Moll Sportwagen Hannover flag-bearer now hoping to come away with a strong result.

    At the Nürburgring, weather conditions play a major role and are something that all drivers have to deal with. Do you prefer to race on a dry or a wet track?

    “A dry track is safer and the wet asphalt is for drivers who like taking risks. It’s no coincidence that all training and preparation take place on dry tracks, because the risks increase in the wet. In addition, on a dry track the competition increases too and the pool of possible winners widens considerably.”

    It was on this very circuit that you achieved your first top ten in 2019, specifically a brilliant eighth place in Race 1. What memories do you cherish from that race?

    “I was really nervous, however it was my second round in the Ferrari Challenge, after my debut at Imola. I could say that my driving career really started in 2020, the following year, because in 2019 I got fairly poor results. In fact, an eighth place isn’t much to be proud of. However, this year is different, I have improved a lot and I have shown it in the previous rounds: in Spielberg, even though the race was broken up by yellow flags and in Valencia where I took fifth place. I am very satisfied with the Spanish stage because, looking at the times, I was very close to the frontrunners, whereas the nearest driver behind me finished with an eight-second gap. I hope to replicate it here.”

    Coppa Shell is a very competitive class. Could racing at home be an advantage?

    “What really counts is the weather and the conditions during free practice were very good. My aim is to finish at least fifth, just like at Valencia. As for racing at home, I don't think it will be a big advantage. We are in Germany, of course, but that doesn't mean that I know the track any better than others. The Nürburgring is over 200 kilometres from my home, which is why I don't have the chance to train and practice here. However, I’m feeling confident.”