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    Comments after Trofeo Pirelli Race-1

    Brno 29 maggio 2021

    Trofeo Pirelli Race-1 took place on a demanding circuit and was fragmented by two appearances of the Safety Car. The drivers who finished on the podium alongside the winners Niccolò Schirò and Ange Barde vouched for its intensity.

    Michelle Gatting, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli: “Niccolò Schirò, made an imposing start, no doubt about it, and he surprised both Luka Nurmi and me by passing on the outside. Niccolò was unquestionably the fastest in the race. That’s what happened. I’m in the running for the championship, and I can’t complain.”

    Luka Nurmi, third place Trofeo Pirelli:I started the day with a bit of regret. At the close of my qualifying session, I was sure I had set a good time, but in the end, Michelle Gatting managed to clock an even better one, which dampened my enthusiasm! Then, in the race, I started from second place, but Niccolò Schirò passed both Michelle and me in one go at the first turn. Then the race was repeatedly interrupted by the Safety Car, and I had to settle for third place. It wasn’t the best race, but I’m aiming for victory tomorrow”.

    Christian Brunsborg, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli Am:A really crazy and strange race. I started from the back but managed to grab second place. I am very pleased to have turned the day around after a less than encouraging qualifying session. Above all, I am confident about Race-2, tomorrow”.