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    Coppa Shell, Race-1 comments

    Brno 29 maggio 2021

    The technical and exciting Brno circuit hosted a gripping Race-1 on Saturday, as the Coppa Shell competitors, who mounted the podium next to winners Ernst Kirchmayr and Willem Van Der Vorm, all agreed.

    James Weiland, runner-up Coppa Shell“It was an exciting race but at the same time very challenging. Ernst Kirchmayr passed me straight away at the first turn, and from then on, I was right on his tail until the end. He raced brilliantly. I never found a gap or had the chance to pass him. So... second place it is.”

    Axel Sartingen, third place Coppa Shell:A really tough race on a really difficult circuit, a great contest that confirms the quality of the Ferrari Challenge. The weekend didn’t get off to the best of starts because I finished seventh in qualifying. I managed a podium finish in the race, though, so it was a good result. I kept up the pace and caught up with Weiland and Kirchmayr, but it was too late to pass them. However, I am satisfied, and I know I have what it takes to go for the top step in Race-2 tomorrow”.

    Giuseppe Ramelli, runner-up, Coppa Shell Am: “A really tough race for the tyres and the drivers. For me, it was my first time in Brno, and yesterday was my first contact with this circuit, so I would say that it couldn’t have gone better than this! I’m delighted; it went really well.”

    Paolo Scudieri, third place, Coppa Shell Am: “A wonderful circuit and a tough race, full of challenges with extremely high-performance opponents and a really complex track. A mixture of difficulties that makes this third place particularly welcome, thrilling and exciting. Then you never stop improving, so let’s hope for tomorrow.”