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    Driver comments after Coppa Shell Race 2

    Nürburgring 29 agosto 2021

    The second round of the Coppa Shell at Nürburgring saw James Weiland and Ingvar Mattsson claiming the honours among the Am class drivers. It was a tough race, made all the more treacherous by the poor weather conditions. The drivers who made the podium alongside the two winners share their experience with us.

    Ernst Kirchmayr, second place in Coppa Shell: “The visibility was bad because of the rain and this made the race all the more difficult. I’m glad that I made it onto the podium after starting from sixth on the grid.”

    Christian Herdt-Wipper, third place in Coppa Shell: “Although the weather conditions were challenging, it was a close race. I'm very pleased to be on the podium again and therefore to end this weekend on a high note.”

    Willem Van Der Vorm, second place in Coppa Shell Am: “Today’s race was really exciting as the whole track was wet. The conditions were challenging but at the same time it was great fun. The start was good but, because of the rain, it was very difficult to overtake, so I simply tried to keep up with the driver in front of me. My team did a great job in preparing a high performance car for me.”

    Alexander Nussbaumer, third place in Coppa Shell Am: “It is great to be on the podium, especially after a disappointing qualifying session. Starting behind the Safety Car was a wise decision from a safety point of view, even though it didn’t give us a chance to improve our position. It was a quiet race but I enjoyed it.”idn’t give us a chance to improve our position. It was a quiet race but I enjoyed it.”