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    Comments from Trofeo Pirelli AM podium

    Portimão 02 aprile 2022

    Marco Pulcini and Christian Brunsborg accompanied the experienced Ange Barde (SF Côte d’Azur Cannes – IB FAST) on the first Trofeo Pirelli AM podium of the season. Afterwards, they spoke about the race.

    Marco Pulcini: “I am certainly pleased. We showed excellent pace in qualifying. Considering last year’s misfortunes, I’m delighted with how my first track battle went and with second place. I have to thank my old team, Pellin Racing, because they ‘raised me’, and obviously AF Corse”.

    Christian Brunsborg“It was a great race. It’s not the result I was hoping for, but on the other hand, it was a real battle on the track. It was an exciting contest with Pulcini in particular, and I’m sorry we only managed third place. The circuit is fantastic. I already knew that, and it’s one of my three favourites in Europe”.