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    Comments from Coppa Shell Am Race-2 podium

    Portimão 03 aprile 2022

    We heard from Mark Bailey and Martinus Richter, who climbed the podium in Race-2 alongside winner Alexander Nussbaumer.

    Mark Bailey, runner-up Coppa Shell Am: “What a wonderful day. I’m almost shocked. My friend and coach Francesco Castellacci and the whole team are also amazed that I managed to take the podium in my first real race. It’s wonderful, and in the next race at the Paul Ricard, I will be number one”.

    Martinus Richter, third place Coppa Shell Am: “It’s my first podium, and I’m delighted. It was a very tough test. At the start, I didn’t have enough speed, but I managed to improve in the final stages. I really enjoyed the track: challenging but satisfying”.
    03 aprile, 2022