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    Comments after Trofeo Pirelli Race-1

    Nürburgring 28 agosto 2021

    The fans at the Nürburgring also enjoyed a thrilling Trofeo Pirelli race. The drivers on the podium alongside winners Niccolò Schirò and Roger Grouwels told the story. 

    Michelle Gatting, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli: “Obtaining pole position was very satisfying, and I must admit that it was my best qualifying in a long time. Starting from top spot, I had to pay close attention to my pursuers and stay focused. In qualifying, I beat Niccolò Schirò and Thomas Neubauer. However, they both passed me at the start, so I decided simply to chase them. I’m delighted with the result and how the championship is going”.

    Ange Barde, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli Am: “We didn’t know what kind of tyres to start the race with. In the end, we opted for slicks, and the first turn was very challenging because there were so many contacts. I had a great rapport with my car, and I must admit that it was a safe race. Tomorrow there will be another race, and we will have another chance to improve”.

    Sergio Paulet, third place Trofeo Pirelli Am: “Before the race, we were undecided about which tyres to use as the asphalt was wet. We chose slicks, and then the track dried out. I didn’t do too well in qualifying. Indeed, I started from eighth position. Despite this, I tried to run an intelligent race, analysing my opponents’ pace and trying not to take too many risks. My strategy paid off: I managed to complete a few passes and reach third position, gaining important championship points”.