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Racing back through time

Formula 1 star Carlos Sainz gets an opportunity to put a true classic through its paces as he climbs into a restored 55-year-old Ferrari 412 P
Film - Oliver McIntyre

Carlos Sainz recently travelled back in time, courtesy of a very special machine, a Ferrari 412 P that has just been restored by the Ferrari Classiche department. 

The venue was equally special as the drive took place at the Fiorano track which celebrates its half-century this year. This particular 412 P enjoyed its greatest moment some 55 years ago, a perfect match with Carlos’ current race number.

Watch as Ferrari Formula One star Carlos Sainz pilots the amazing 412 P around the Fiorano track 

In the 1967 Daytona 24 Hours, a trio of Ferraris famously crossed the line in close formation, with this one coming home third in the hands of Pedro Rodriguez and Jean Guichet.

The clean sweep of the podium places was the Maranello marque’s emphatic response to Ford’s win at the previous year’s Le Mans 24 Hours. The 412 P driven by Lorenzo Bandini and Chris Amon was first across the line, with the other factory entry of Mike Parkes and Ludovico Scarfiotti finishing second, ahead of this particular car, in the hands of Rodriguez-Guichet. 

This particular 412 P was the third in a trio of Ferraris to finish in close formation at the famous 1967 Daytona 24 hours

It was entered by NART (North American Racing Team), run by Ferrari’s North American importer, Luigi Chinetti.

Towards the end of the race, the team was on the phone back to Maranello and it was decided to go for a media generating publicity stunt by getting the three cars to cross the line together in an arrowhead formation, stunning enough to make the sports pages of newspapers around the world the next day. 

Carlos Sainz was thrilled by his experience driving the 412 P, saying that it was "completely different to anything else I have driven before today"

“That was very exciting,” said Carlos as soon as he stepped out of the car. “I had never driven any Sports Prototype car before, let alone one from this era and it really was completely different to anything else I have driven before today. Only Ferrari can allow you to experience something like this.” 

Thank you Carlos for taking us back to 5 February, 55 years ago.

13 ottobre, 2022