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    Trofeo Pirelli, podium comments

    Portimão 02 aprile 2022

    The youthful Doriane Pin (Scuderia Niki – Iron Lynx) claimed her first victory. Luka Nurmi (Formula Racing) and John Wartique (FML – D2P) accompanied her on the podium at Portimao. These were their comments.

    Luka Nurmi (runner-up): “I got the podium, but I'm not very happy because I didn't keep up a good speed. I had some problems with the set-up of the car and the tyres. I hope tomorrow is better”.

    John Wartique (third place): “It’s not the podium I was hoping for, but they’re still points. It’s probably the worst race I’ve run so far, but the main thing is to focus on scoring as many points as possible for the championship standings. It was important to get to the end, always giving my best in trying to go past my opponents as far as possible”.