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    Ferrari 296 GT3 passes the Fiorano test

    Fiorano 15 aprile 2022

    Since the Fiorano track first began activities as the Prancing Horse testing circuit in 1972, all Ferraris have taken their first steps around its near three-kilometre distance. A facility encompassing curves and sections of track like those hosting even the most demanding Formula 1 world championship races, able to provide highly useful data regarding the quality of a project. “Every single section of circuit,” stated Enzo Ferrari, “should be able to put the dynamic behaviour of the car to the test in such a way as to make it easy to identify each car’s problems.” From this standpoint, the two days of testing that saw the Ferrari 296 GT3 on the home track have allowed the Competizioni GT team to verify the validity of the project and gather useful data and indications for its development path.

    “For us, Fiorano is a circuit that, as well as being our home track, provides us with a lot of information and has an important historical past given the huge number of shakedowns that have taken place here,” commented Andrea Bertolini. “I have been called on many times to test drive new cars but, taking stock of this first test, I was surprised by the levels of reliability and performance with which we took to the track.”

    “We have finally been able to drive the Ferrari 296 GT3 here at Fiorano, after many hours spent on the simulator and working on the project alongside the Competizioni GT team,” added Alessandro Pier Guidi. “The first few metres are always special and leave lasting memories. They were really thrilling. The sensations of these two days of work have been very good, the car is promising and we have obtained important indications for its development that will continue over the coming months.”