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    The voices from Coppa Shell Race 2

    Brno 30 maggio 2021

    Sudden rainfall just minutes prior to the race-start added suspense to the second round of the Coppa Shell at Brno which, once again, offered no shortage of excitement. Ready to vouch for this were the drivers who also made the podium alongside the two winners, Ernst Kirchmayr and Willem Van Der Vorm, the same winners as Race 1.

    James Weiland, second place in Coppa Shell: “It was a very tough race and I was hoping to finish it in first position but Ernst was very good at holding the lead during the opening lap. I was really committed to following him, but he drove a perfect race and definitely deserved the victory.”

    “Alex Fox”, third place in the Coppa Shell: “I am very satisfied because yesterday, I was hampered by a gearbox problem in spite of having made an excellent start. In today's race I was able to start with the car in excellent condition. I like the Brno circuit very much even if the tyres get worn out very quickly and in the race, after a few laps, I was already at the limit and I can’t find an explanation. As we went into the final stages it was difficult to handle the car, but luckily I had a five-second gap over my rivals, enough to cross the finish-line and make it onto the podium. It was a great weekend for me.”

    Paolo Scudieri, second place in the Coppa Shell Am: “If yesterday was a difficult race, today was even more so: the unexpected rain complicated the situation at the start. The first corner was extremely wet. Tyre wear with consequences on traction made everything all the more challenging. So today's second place has been all the more satisfying than the one achieved yesterday.”

    Alexander Nussbaumer, third place in Coppa Shell Am: "It was a great race. In some parts of the track it was even raining, so it was fun to race in those conditions. We had to take care of the tyre consumption. The final lap was really exciting. I am happy with the result obtained in my first appearance of the season in the Ferrari Challenge.”