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    Schirò looks to win again

    Valencia 19 giugno 2021

    Niccolò Schirò enjoyed the best possible return to action with his double win in the last round at Brno. Boosted by this fantastic result, the Italian Rossocorsa driver’s expectations are high as he prepares for the next challenge in Valencia.

    You made an impressive return to the series in the last round at Brno. We know your speed skills, but we didn't expect to see you so competitive right away. So what did you do during the Czech weekend to enable you to fight for victory straightaway?

    “Honestly, I too was surprised, particularly because it was my first time at the Brno circuit. However, I have to say that the support of my team and instructors was crucial. Indeed, I felt great right from the first few laps on the track, although I wasn't brilliant in qualifying to be honest. But then, in the race, I found myself quite competitive. So I am delighted, and I hope to repeat myself here in Valencia”.

    You are a driver, a tutor for some of the Ferrari Challenge drivers and, in some cases, also one of the Sky Italia commentators for the series races. Which is the most challenging role of the three?

    “Without a doubt, the role of tutor is very challenging because you have to find a way to pass on your skills to other drivers. You also need to convey the right feelings and impressions when you are in the passenger seat. Obviously, though, I don’t want to diminish the driver's role, which requires maximum and constant concentration throughout the race and beyond. For different reasons, but both are challenging”.

    In 2019 you battled for the Trofeo Pirelli title to the very end, at the wheel of the 488 Challenge. You’re back now with the Evo version. What are the significant differences between the two models in terms of handling?

    “The first difference I noticed from the outset was the aerodynamics: the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo lets you take corners with ease at higher speeds. As far as driving style is concerned, I feel it is closer to the GT3, a car that I loved because it made me feel like I was really in the thick of things”.