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    Quotes from the podiums after Race 1 in Snetterton

    Snetterton 10 luglio 2021

    At the end of the race, we gathered the comments from some of the podium protagonists of an intense 30 minutes of action on track.

    James Swift, 1st Trofeo Pirelli: “It felt great for my first win: I had a good start, and Lucky really pushed me for the first 5 laps, but then I felt I had a better car set-up. My tyres stayed with me for the length of the race, so I think that helped me the most.

    Once I had built the gap I still had to concentrate, and once I looked down at the dashboard and when I looked up I was almost off the track! The best thing about the race was when I turned the air-con on, it made it much more pleasant.”

    Lucky Khera, 2nd Trofeo Pirelli: “Last season I wanted some more competition, but I’m not so thrilled now I have some good competition - but it’s great, I’m really enjoying it!”

    Paul Hogarth, 3rd Trofeo Pirelli: “I was under a lot of pressure from Han (Sikkens), he pushed me all the way through the race. It was really competitive but very good. I couldn’t relax at all, you don’t want to make a mistake so you just try to make sure you get the right gear each time, and you don’t get on the throttle too early. It keeps you completely honest.”