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    Comments from Race-2 podium

    Budapest 19 giugno 2022

    The second round at the Hungaroring track also featured excitement and high temperatures. Spectacular duels and twists and turns brought Sunday in Budapest to life. The podium finishers confirmed this.

    Trofeo Pirelli

    Doriane Pin

    John Wartique, second place Trofeo Pirelli: “This is my sixth consecutive podium of the season, and I finished second in both races on the Budapest track. Given the excellent start, I had hoped to take first, but I didn’t manage because it’s very difficult to pass on this circuit, and there is a lot of strain on the car, primarily due to tyre wear”.

    Luka Nurmi, third place Trofeo Pirelli: “The race went much better than yesterday’s when I finished fourth. Today I took third place, although my goal was to win. However, I’m happy with my performance, and I certainly drove better than in Race-1. In the first part I tried to catch up with Wartique but then had to let up because I had overheated my brakes. Third place is still a good result”.

    Nicolò Rosi

    Marco Pulcini, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli Am: “Firstly, I have to say that I am happy to have completed the race because I was struck on Turn 1, and the car wasn’t right. I still managed to make it to the end and am satisfied. Unfortunately, I lost first position, but that’s alright. It’s all experience. I have to thank the entire team”.

    Alessandro Cozzi, third place Trofeo Am: “I’m delighted to have stepped onto the Ferrari Challenge podium for the second time this year. I’m also very pleased with Nicolò Rosi’s victory because he drove a great race. The track is lovely even if physically trying, especially because of the heat!”.

    Coppa Shell

    Romain Ziemian 

    Franz Engstler, second place Coppa Shell: “Firstly, I must thank the entire team because they solved the technical problems that troubled me during all the practices. I had a fantastic start, but the problem came up again and obviously affected me during the race. Given the situation, I’m delighted to have made it over the finish line”.

    Manuela Gostner, third place Coppa Shell: “At the Hungaroring circuit, it is crucial to qualify well and start from the leading positions, and for me, who set off from the third row, it was going to be very difficult to improve. I managed to pass Sartingen and then went on to take third place. I am absolutely delighted. I thank the team because they handed me a perfect car and it was great to drive from the first to the last minute”.

    Christian Herdt-Wipper

    Alexander Nussbaumer, second place Coppa Shell Am: “I used a lot of strategy in this race. I preferred to drive cautiously and aim to lose as few positions as possible without overdoing it. This was also because tyre management is crucial on this track. Some people lost control of their car while tackling the bends at the Hungaroring, while I preferred to run my own race, keep my own pace and, in the end, come away with second place. I am very satisfied”.

    Tommy Lindroth, third place Coppa Shell Am: “It was a fascinating race, but it was sweltering. For me, the real achievement is to have made it to the finish! If there had been two or three more laps on the programme, I think I would have retired! Ultimately, I have to say that I was also lucky because the accidents that happened benefited me, but all races are like that. In any case, I enjoyed myself”.