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    Driver comments from the Race 2 podiums at Silverstone

    Silverstone 18 settembre 2022

    Unexpected twists, some collisions, but above all plenty of thrills on the legendary Silverstone circuit. Race 2 confirmed the extraordinary form of Doriane Pin and Franz Engstler, who repeated their respective triumphs from the first day of racing.

    Trofeo Pirelli 

    Doriane Pin, winner of Trofeo Pirelli: “I am happy with how this weekend went. The team did a great job and the car was perfect to drive. The circuit was slower today than yesterday's race. Still, it was a great race and I am pleased to have picked up some more important points towards the championship.”

    John Wartique, runner-up of Trofeo Pirelli: “Twice runner-up at Silverstone, a circuit that is a monument of motorsport, very fast, just the way I like it. Doriane Pin was really fast this weekend, as she has been throughout the championship. I was in a battle with Luka Nurmi and waited for something to happen to spring the decisive move. We continue to battle in the championship, even though it is very difficult to catch up.”

    Luka Nurmi, third in Trofeo Pirelli: “I am not completely satisfied. I was very fast, but in the end there was a great duel and you saw what happened. That’s why I am not very pleased with my performance. Now we look forward to the two rounds in Italy where I’m usually pretty fast and Italy brings me luck. We hope to do well at Mugello and Imola.”


    Trofeo Pirelli Am

    Marco Pulcini, winner in Trofeo Pirelli Am: “Here at Silverstone we got an exciting win considering the hard work we did in the first year of racing. This is my second season: with AF Corse we are doing a great job, and now I feel closer to where I want to be, considering that I had no racing experience. All this is very exciting.”

    David Gostner, runner-up in Trofeo Pirelli Am: “I am so happy, it was an incredible race! I gave it my all throughout. I pushed really hard from the start and I am really very satisfied with my performance. I really enjoyed it. I love Silverstone. I love the track. I love the atmosphere. And then on these race weekends we are among friends and I am happy when I am with my pals.”

    Angelo Fontana, third place in Trofeo Pirelli Am: “I am very very pleased to have reached the podium. It was a very tough race but also a lot of fun, plus Silverstone is a great circuit with an incredible atmosphere.”


    Coppa Shell

    Franz Engstler, winner of Coppa Shell: “It was a fun weekend. This morning's qualifying was not perfect, considering that my best time was annulled for not respecting the track limits: it was my mistake, and for that I apologise to the team. I would like to thank my team, who provided me with a really high-performance car, and in particular the team manager, who defined an excellent strategy. We can only be happy with this weekend, my first at Silverstone, which ends with two wins. It was a pleasure to come here.”

    Roman Ziemian, runner-up in Coppa Shell: “Compared to qualifying, I dropped one position and finished second. However, I am very happy because I improved my situation in the championship standings and now occupy third place. Englster is really from another planet: he is very fast. I am proud to have the chance to race with him and to learn from him. I think he is the best driver in the Ferrari Challenge.”

    Axel Sartingen, third in Coppa Shell: “I knew that Manuela Gostner had received a five-second penalty, so I let her through at the chicane. I didn't want to take unnecessary risks. I had problems with the rear tyres, which were very slippery probably due to the loss of fluid after the accident at turn three. This situation didn't allow me to keep up with the pace of the leaders. I'm not very happy, but third place is the maximum I could ask for today in these conditions.”


    Coppa Shell Am

    Martinus Richter, winner of Coppa Shell Am: “It was really difficult to get to this level, to start from pole position and take my first win, for which I feel honoured. I thank the team for their work, preparing me a car I could have won with. I am really happy to have achieved my first success, at Silverstone, an iconic and very beautiful track. I appreciated that the Ferrari Challenge stopped off here this year.”

    Alexander Nussbaumer, runner-up in Coppa Shell Am: “The start was exciting: I managed to get to the front of the race and then lost two positions. The car in front of me started losing oil and I realised it was dangerous to stay in the slipstream. I had issues with my car, but in the end I am very satisfied, it was a good race.”

    Christian Herdt-Wipper, third in Coppa Shell Am: “It was a very tough race from the start, because immediately after the start I came into contact with another car and at that point my car was no longer balanced. In the closing stages I also made several mistakes and when I ended up with my wheels in the grass and Alexander Nussbaumer managed to overtake me. In the end, however, I took third place, so that's good.”