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    Comments from Coppa Shell Am race 1 podium

    Portimão 02 aprile 2022

    In the Coppa Shell Am, Joakim Olander (Scuderia Autoropa) was joined on the podium by Peter Christensen (Formula Racing) and Alexander Nussbaumer (Gohm Motorsport - Herter Racing).

    Peter Christensen, Coppa Shell Am runner-up: “It was a crazy race from the start. Already at the first corner, everything happened. But for me, it was a great race. I kept a good pace throughout. Unfortunately, those ahead of me did likewise, so I finished second! Well, we’ll see what happens tomorrow. Portimão is a circuit I love: it’s challenging, and you need a lot of confidence because it’s a complex track, but at the same time a lot of fun”.

    Alexander Nussbaumer, third place in the Coppa Shell Am: “It was a great race. Qualifying didn’t go so well because I overloaded the car and ended up starting fourteenth overall. But then the race was excellent, a lot of fun”.