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New Ferrari 296 GTS in London

London 05 luglio 2022

The first V6 open roof Ferrari to wear the Prancing Horse badge has arrived in the UK: welcome the new Ferrari 296 GTS that last week made its national debut, during an exclusive two-night event in London.

The red carpet welcoming customers to the venue was embraced by a randevouz of iconic Ferrari models that wrote the history of rear-mid engined berlinettas.

At the beginning of the event, Ferrari guests could admire the coupe version of the newcomer in both its souls: the 296 GTB and the 296 GTB Assetto Fiorano were in fact displayed in the entrance hall, against a breath-taking view of the London skyline.

The new Ferrari 296 GTS sits next to its coupe sibling as the new mid-rear engined, 2-seat RWD Ferrari convertible sports berlinetta: it is the epitome of sportiness, performance and driving thrills, now en plein air.

The new 663CV 120° V6 engine powers both the 296 GTB and the 296 GTS. New PHEV system with one electric motor on the rear that interacts with the ICE to deliver a maximum combined output of 830CV, for best-in-class performance.

The hot-tube specifically redesigned for the 296 GTS amplifies the sound coming inside the cockpit from the engine, and the single central exhaust exalts pressure waves to deliver a unique and distinctive sound, earning this engine the nickname of “piccolo V12”.

The car conserves design and proportions of the 296 GTB, as well as the thrilling performance. In addition to that, comes the opportunity to drive en plein air thanks to the RHT system, which transforms the 296 GTS in only 14 seconds.

A new chapter for Ferrari’s mission to deliver the most fun to drive cars has just begun.

A warm welcome to the new Ferrari 296 GTS.

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