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    Trofeo Pirelli Race-2, comments from the podium

    Portimão 03 aprile 2022

    Luka Nurmi and John Wartique finished behind an amazing Doriane Pin. This is what they said about the day.

    Luka Nurmi, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli. “I was closer to first place than in Race-1, and that’s because we were faster than yesterday, although not as fast as we would have liked. But, all in all, I’m satisfied, more than I was yesterday!”

    John Wartique, third place Trofeo Pirelli. “Yesterday and today, we had the same problem with the car, which had never occurred before. So now we’ll take it to Maranello to look for a solution. Unfortunately, I am focused on the championship, and this is perhaps the most difficult moment of my career, but this is also part of motorsport”.