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    The voices of the protagonists of the Coppa Shell at Oulton Park after Race 1

    Oulton Park 02 ottobre 2021

    After an intense Race 1 that was not without its twists and turns, we gathered the voices of the Coppa Shell protagonists who celebrated on the podium at Oulton Park.

    Graham de Zille, 1st classified: “That was amazing, I didn’t expect that result. I was pushing them hard and I think [James] Swift had a problem with Paul [Hogarth] who had a go. Sadly it didn’t come off, but it gave me the overall win so what can I say, I am very happy. I’ve won the Championship, won my class and today I won overall, I couldn’t be happier.”

    Paul Rogers, 2nd classified: “It was tough, I was just sliding everywhere, especially through the chicane. I was talking to my team, telling them something was wrong with the car. I didn’t realise there was coolant down, I had no idea. I was trying to put my food down but ended up sliding everywhere, I was losing about 10 seconds a lap.”

    Jonathan Satchell, 3rd classified: “I started from the pit-lane with a bit of trepidation after my rather nasty incident in qualifying. I knew my tyres were at a lower pressure than we would have wanted, because we couldn’t check them on the grid. So I took it easy for the first few laps and tried to stay off the kerbs, once I had eased into it I could see Matthew [Thompson] a good way in-front of me but it felt possible to catch him. My coach Chris was giving me some encouraging words over the radio, and I went for it. I got a bit lucky with some of the other cars leaking fluids, it caused some problems for the other drivers. Matthew [Thompson] got a bit unlucky and out-braked himself in one of the corners because it was a bit slippery. I had to be really careful because it was treacherous out there but others’ misfortune gave me some fortune. I’m not sure it was a well-deserved result, but I got it so I’m pleased.”