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    Snetterton Saturday Driver Quotes after qualifying

    Snetterton 10 luglio 2021

    The Ferrari Challenge UK drivers were faced with mixed conditions in their first day at Snetterton. Qualifying was wet, but the rain eased before the race to leave the track damp and greasy.

    James Swift, Pole Position, Trofeo Pirelli Qualifying 1: “I couldn’t get the fronts to work in the beginning, so I knew I was going to struggle. It’s my first time out in the wet, and it was how I expected - less grip, and sliding around a bit. In these cars you lean on the traction control quite a lot, and I wasn’t doing that well. I came in and my pro, Ben, gave me some tips and guess what? They worked!  That was enough - it was close but I don’t think I could have done much more, maybe a tenth or two, but that’s all.”

    Graham de Zille, Pole Position, Coppa Shell Qualifying 1: “It was very good, tricky conditions which were changing all the time, so [I’m] very happy. I’ve not driven around here in the wet for years. So that was good, it’s all about feel, a few hairy moments but I managed to keep it on the track which is the key ingredient! I’m very happy.”