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    James Weiland continues his battle

    Brno 29 maggio 2021

    James Weiland’s season couldn’t have started any better. It is no accident that Rossocorsa’s US driver currently tops the Coppa Shell standings. The battle has been heated, reflecting a class with plenty of talented competitors.

    It’s been a thrilling start to the season with a win, a second and two third places despite the very high level of competition in the Coppa Shell. Did you expect these results?

    “Actually, no, also because all my opponents are extremely competitive. There are plenty of excellent drivers in this class, and it’s exciting to go out on track with them. Then, of course, the tracks are fabulous, as is the atmosphere. It’s hard to achieve good results in every qualifying session and every race, but in the end, I’m very satisfied”.

    In nine seasons of the Ferrari Challenge, taking part in the European, American and Asia-Pacific series, you have picked up more than 1,200 points, with an average of 9.22 per race. How would you describe your relationship with the Prancing Horse championship?

    “I feel like the luckiest person in the world: especially at my age, to be able to drive a Ferrari on the world’s most exciting circuits, among top competitors and fantastic a word, it’s wonderful, I’m fortunate”.

    Returning to the championship: in the Coppa Shell, there is a fierce battle behind you, with four drivers bunched within four points. Who do you think will be your main rivals between now and the end of the season?

    “Well, it’s hard to point to this or that competitor because it’s too unpredictable a competition, and often the results depend on factors unrelated to the driver. You can have a weekend where everything goes right, or you can be left stuck due to a breakdown. Luck also counts for a lot during a race. This is why I only think about doing well and giving my best: I respect all my rivals, no one excluded”.