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    Home game for Matùš Výboh at Brno Circuit

    Brno 28 maggio 2021

    A home game always triggers a whirlwind of emotions, with some drivers at their ease and others who feel the need to “give more”. But, whatever the race Matùš Výboh only ever has one thought in mind: to mount the podium. Scuderia Praha’s Slovakian is fired up and ready to hit the track to consolidate his leading role in the Trofeo Pirelli class. Výboh spoke about his feelings a few hours before Race-1.

    How does it feel to race on your team’s “home” track? Do you feel more pressure or more motivation?

    “There’s no doubt that this makes the race even more important, also because we are talking about the biggest and most famous circuit in the Czech Republic. But we can’t deny that playing at home raises expectations and, therefore, the pressure on the whole team, including the drivers since you really want to deliver a good result. Unfortunately, the circuit will be a bit slippery and therefore quite treacherous for all the drivers. Let's see what we can do, and we’ll see what the other drivers can do too!”

    You are competing in the Trofeo Pirelli this year after battling for the title in the Am in 2020. How do you rate your season so far?

    “We’ve decided to move up a category, and I'm pleased about that because my psychological approach has changed from last season. I am more ambitious, and the pressure before every race has grown. As for this year, I am satisfied: I have climbed the podium and also when I look at the times, I can see that I can hold my own against the pros. That’s not bad for a driver who has been racing for two years!”

    You alternate between the Ferrari Challenge and the 24H Series in the 488 GT3 that you drive with your father and Josef Kral, with excellent results. How much does the experience gained in the Challenge help you be competitive in endurance racing?

    “We wanted to test the GT3, and so we took part in the 12 Hours of Mugello, on a circuit that is extremely important for Ferrari and its history. It was our first experience, and we immediately secured a second place. This is why we decided to try again, and finished the next two races on the podium, always in second place. The Ferrari Challenge is completely different, but I have to say that endurance racing has toughened me up. I feel calmer when I'm on track, and I can push myself to the limit and take risks more often”.