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    Grit and precision, Sartingen wins Race 2

    Portimão 03 aprile 2022

    It was a tough race, but when the situation is difficult the victory is even more valuable. So the enthusiasm of Axel Sartingen (Lueg Sportivo - Herter Racing) at the end of Race-2 is entirely understandable.

    “I’m delighted. It was a very tough but enjoyable race, and I think it was also fun to watch, or at least I hope so! Starting from pole does not mean you win, and I know that very well since I set the fastest lap several times in qualifying last season but then didn’t have any luck. I love the Portimao circuit, with its changes of direction. It’s very technical, and it’s the kind of track I like best, as the result shows. Also, it was a very tight fight for first, so it’s even more satisfying. 

    I struggled more with tyre wear than Franz Engstler, especially in the tight corners where my rival was able to gain. Fortunately, I could control the car better in the fast corners, gaining 20-30 metres each time. Then in the final stages, I managed to keep him at a distance. He proved to be an excellent driver, and it was a great duel. I can say that my car was flawless.

    Now let’s see what happens in France. I think it will be an equally tough race: a race in which it will be essential to stay in the slipstream of the car in front. There will also be several chicanes. In short, it’s a track where it’s crucial to reach top speed, but at the same time, there’s a high risk of losing grip. Preparing the car is also a big challenge. It’s not a very technical circuit, so it’s hard to figure out the ideal setup. I’ve only raced once at the Paul Ricard, but I really like it. We’ll see what happens.”