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    Ludwig’s new challenge

    Nürburgring 28 agosto 2021

    Despite all his years of experience, Luca Ludwig is facing a new driving challenge. On his much-loved home circuit, the German will race in a new championship and a new car, the 488 Challenge Evo. Ludwig is full of determination and desire to do well and is ready to put himself on the line this weekend.

    In September 2008, you competed in your first career race here at the Nürburgring, albeit on the Nordschleife, a track where you have performed well on several occasions. What’s so special about these two tracks?

    “First off, I feel absolutely at home, given that I live in Bonn, only 60 kilometres from here. I grew up in this region. Just so you know, I first raced on this circuit, the old Nordschleife to be precise, 25 years ago with my father. Then, as you rightly say, I made my debut here in 2008, and now I’m back with Ferrari and a competitive and ambitious team like Octane126. I know, and love, every inch of this track, and it will be a special pleasure to race here with Ferrari”.

    You had a good season, along with Sebastian Asch, in the ADAC GT Masters at the wheel of the HB Racing Ferrari. What do you remember of that experience?

    “To be honest, they weren’t an easy couple of years. Before that, I had been German champion twice, while that two-year period, despite our many wins, was difficult. Now I want to focus on the present. What matters is that today I am racing with a team like Octane126: a competitive team and a solid group thanks to which I can look to the future with high expectations”.

    This is your first race in Ferrari Challenge. How do you approach a weekend driving in a car and a championship you don’t know?

    “You are absolutely right. I had never raced a Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo before, and it was in free practice that I drove my first few metres behind the wheel of this car. No doubt, I still need more miles under my belt to feel comfortable and be really competitive. Let’s see what I can do: I’ll try my best, and I hope to make the podium”.