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    Comments from Race-2 podium at Hockenheim

    Hockenheim 24 luglio 2022

    Sunday’s two races at the German track, the venue of round four of the continental series, saw repeat wins and surprises. Doriane Pin and Franz Engstler again celebrated from the top step of the Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell podiums. We heard from the leading competitors.

    John Wartique, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli: “After yesterday’s race and the incident at the start, it was hard to put everything behind us and set off again with resolve because you can’t afford to lose points during the season. However, this is precisely why I fought for the fourth place I needed to keep my title hopes alive. Today I was in third in Nurmi’s slipstream for the entire race, but when I saw he was starting to suffer a tyre drop, I tried to take advantage by gaining second position, with an attack over the last few turns, almost drifting! It is a positive result, even though Doriane’s win has stretched her lead in the standings. However, the season isn’t over, and these points mean I can carry on fighting”.

    Luka Nurmi, third place Trofeo Pirelli: “Yesterday, I finished the race in second place and today in third, so as far as my position goes, I can’t be happy, but from a performance perspective, yes. The gap to Doriane was smaller today. This was down to changes in the set-up and my driving style. I hope to continue improving at Silverstone”.

    Arno Dahlmeyer, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli Am: “I set off in second, but I didn’t expect to finish on the podium because so much can always happen in a race. I am delighted to have climbed the podium twice on my home track, as I was born less than an hour’s drive from this circuit. Now the next step is to win a race, although I need to improve my race pace. However, that result is not far off”.

    Nicolò Rosi, third place Trofeo Pirelli Am: “I didn’t hope for this podium, but it came. It was a great weekend and today’s result is brilliant. I am delighted. I had a lot of fun battling with Arno, it was great”.

    Alessandro Giovanelli, runner-up Coppa Shell: “Two races, two podiums, not a bad start. Today’s race was more tiring than yesterday’s because I felt less competitive. I had Franz Engstler as a point of reference, but he pulled away almost immediately because his pace was uncatchable. A few radio problems made the race even trickier, but I’m delighted with the result on my first weekend in the Ferrari Challenge”.

    Roman Ziemian, third place Coppa Shell: “After yesterday’s race, where I failed to win any points in the standings, today I am satisfied. Manuela Gostner enjoyed a phenomenal start, and I had to fight with her down to the last lap when she made a mistake that allowed me to finish in third”.

    Joakim Olander, runner-up Coppa Shell Am: “Today’s race was pretty smooth for me, with no major problems. Yesterday I was perhaps in a better state, but I should also add that it was warmer today. In the end, I am satisfied. It was a good day and a good race”.

    Martinus Richter, third place Coppa Shell Am: It was a very tough race. It was scorching. After yesterday’s accident, today I tried to avoid risks and any contact with my rivals. Around the midpoint, I was faster than Joakim (Olander), but to manage the tyres, I could no longer keep up with his pace. Anyway, I’m happy with my third place”.