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    Kirchmayr, a win built on a fine start

    Brno 29 maggio 2021

    Ernst Kirchmayr got the first race of the weekend off to a start in the best possible way, reaching the head of the field immediately after the green light and subsequently holding on to it until the finish-line. The Austrian driver from the Baron Motorsport team thus took the victory spoils of Coppa Shell Race 1 on the tough Brno circuit.

    "An excellent race, thanks to a perfect start: this manoeuvre allowed me to immediately reach first position and maintain it until the victory. A very significant first place for me, because I achieved it on a very difficult circuit: a track on which the drivers had to draw all their energy and stay very focused. Furthermore, Austria and the Czech Republic are very close nations, not only geographically, so for me Brno is a bit of a second home circuit: and we know how difficult it is to win at home. I am very, very satisfied.”