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    Richter, glowing start to Coppa Shell Am season

    Brno 29 maggio 2021

    MERTEL Italo Cars Nürnberg driver Martinus Richter is enjoying a promising debut in the tough and crowded Coppa Shell Am and has also developed a great rapport with the car.

    Are fifteen points, seventh place in the Coppa Shell Am after two rounds and four races run enough to make an initial judgement on your first season in the Ferrari Challenge?

    “The debut has exceeded my wildest expectations because as a rookie, it’s all new to me. I remember the first time the Safety Car left the track as the green light came on - I almost panicked! However, it’s all going well, much better than I could have hoped for!”

    In this class, races are always very close, but what is the secret to finding the right balance between fairness in the duels and ambition to win?

    “Good question, which, however, I can’t answer. In fact, if you know the answer, let me know so I can tell my coach! At Monza, my first race, I opted for a cautious drive because it's a high-speed circuit, and it was raining. However, I realised that I could afford to do a bit more and so I tried to be a little more aggressive in round two. The problem was that I bumped into my rivals in Race-1 and 2 and was penalised. At that point, I realised I had been too aggressive. In short, all this is to say that I’m looking for the right balance, but only experience can help with this”.

    What is your favourite feature of the new Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo?

    “I must admit that from a design point of view, I’m excited about the ceramic brakes. When you push the pedal hard and watch the discs glow, it’s exhilarating: it’s something aggressive, unique! It’s not just a question of looks: the strength of the brakes, in my opinion, is the technical aspect that sets this car apart from every other”.