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    Fast Lane: John Wartique

    Today, Fast Lane talks to John Wartique, an FML - D2P team driver with a real passion for Ferraris and motorsport.

    Maranello 10 agosto 2021

    A real fighter, always ready to battle for every point and find a way to win. Today, Fast Lane talks to John Wartique, an FML - D2P team driver with a real passion for Ferraris and motorsport.

    Would you recommend a driver to take part in the Ferrari Challenge? 

    “Certainly. The atmosphere in the Ferrari Challenge is unique. This is probably the best championship to start out on for anyone with a passion for motorsport and Ferrari. Also, the fact that you can choose between two categories, Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell, makes the Ferrari Challenge particularly suitable for anyone who dreams of racing and wants to get started. Then it’s good that both categories are becoming increasingly professional year by year, with drivers steadily developing and improving. When one of us moves up to categories like GT3, it’s satisfying because you realise you’re in a top-level championship”.

    Which circuit best suits your driving style?

    “Spa! Not just because I’m Belgian: I love demanding tracks, with high risk and fast corners, and in this regard, Spa is the circuit where I can give my best. Also, it’s a very challenging track that I know well, so I have an advantage over my rivals!”.

    What are your favourite features of the new Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo?

    “Over the years, I have had the chance to test many cars, and I have to say that Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo is a demanding car. I mean that in a good way: it’s a car I love because it brings out the driver’s skill and is perfect for gentleman drivers. It’s a wonderful car”.

    How did you come up with the livery you chose for your car?

    “It reflects my team, FML-D2P, and Francorchamps Motors Luxembourg, with whom we have a partnership. We decided to keep the same livery for all three team cars, just changing a few colours”.

    The figures tell us that you always finish among the leaders. It would appear that the Ferrari Challenge fits you like a glove.

    “Yes, to be honest, I’m a bit cheesed off because I’ve mounted the podium in nine consecutive races without ever clinching a win, always missing out by a whisker. However, the outcome of each race is influenced by a vast range of details and circumstances. However, I’m not giving up, and I will fight in every race, striving to pick up as many points as possible every weekend. When I’m on track, I fight for every point, defending my position at all costs. In any way I can, as long as it’s clean, of course!”