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    Donington Saturday Quotes

    Donington Park 12 giugno 2021

    The Ferrari Challenge UK drivers were faced with perfect conditions on the first day, with sunshine and a warm track all through the day. The drivers took to the track to race the National Circuit.

    James Swift, Pole Position, Trofeo Pirelli Qualifying 1: “The car came to me in qualifying, we took a step backwards in FP2 and managed to go to the original set-up and the rear felt really secure. Then the time was coming but I kept getting a bit of traffic, then I got a bit hot under the collar but managed to settle the nerves and get some space and the time was there. I am pleased with the time I did; it’s the time I hoped to do, so I am very happy. I hope I don’t lose positions tomorrow. I’m used to rolling starts, but not used to these cars, so hopefully it’s pretty steady on the first lap and I can hold position, and then manage my tyres to the end. I will wait to see if pressure comes from behind or not. That’s what I hope to do, of course we will see what happens.”

    Graham de Zille, Pole Position, Coppa Shell Qualifying 1: “Qualifying was good, we had a bit of a setup issue early on with the car; we really weren’t getting the time out of the car in free practice. We took a gamble and it paid off; we were 3 or 4 tenths faster than we had been all weekend. I hope to just finish the race; it’s going to be a hot race. As long as I can keep scoring points in my class, that’s the main thing. We will try to have a good race out there with all the lads around me.”