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    Coppa Shell Podium Interviews after Race 1 in Snetterton

    Snetterton 10 luglio 2021

    At the end of an exciting race, we met up with the parties directly involved immediately after the podium ceremony.

    Graham de Zille, 1st Coppa Shell Race 1: “The car was good, I just want to say a well done to Jonathan [Satchell], he was a little nervous and the conditions were tricky, and he did a fantastic job. It’s great to have him on the podium with us today.

    This is supposed to be fun and that’s what we’re here for. It’s competitions, [it’s] great to be out there dicing with the others. At the end of it we all come together and we will talk about it for years to come!”

    Paul Rogers, 2nd Coppa Shell Race 1: “You just have to deal with the weather conditions, we can’t decide the weather, otherwise we would have it dry all the time. I missed the first practice session because my car had a fault, but in the second practice it was wet but we were still trying to push it. During the race it was dry, so I just pushed like hell. It was a lonely race to be honest, but somebody did kiss the back of my car in turn 1 at one point, but it was a great race!

    It’s much better when you are racing somebody - when I was alone I felt my lap times dropping off. It’s tricky to stop yourself from going into autopilot and losing concentration. Then you have to really focus, otherwise you lose a second a lap.”

    Jonathan Satchell, 3rd Coppa Shell Race 1: “It truly is special to get my first podium, more relief than delight at the moment, but I’m sure it will sink in later! I started in P3, but lost out to Simmerson in the bridge corner, and I was a bit worried after that, but then he spun out again and I managed to hold my position after that. I kept on being told how many laps I had left, and eventually I started to believe it might happen.”