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    Driver comments from the Trofeo Pirelli Race 1 podium

    Paul Ricard 14 maggio 2022

    John Wartique (FML - D2P) and Luka Nurmi (Formula Racing) certainly cannot complain. The race at Paul Ricard was a hard task from the get-go, so making it onto the podium after the Le Castellet curves will be a source of immense pride.

    John Wartique, second place in the Trofeo Pirelli: “The start was fairly tricky, we were all bunched up together and I did not want to take any risks, which is why I lost a little ground. Then metre by metre I managed to gain on Adrian (Sutil). If the race had included an extra lap, the win would have been mine, but it wasn't to be! The circuit is to my liking. I appreciate it a lot and I would even say it is my second home circuit.”

    Luka Nurmi, third place in the Trofeo Pirelli: “I’m so happy to have made the podium. A little bit of regret because I was right behind Wartique and was battling to catch him when I got held up by a minor issue that slowed me down and kept me out of the race for the top spot. I am fairly pleased though. The circuit is one of my three favourites, behind only Monza and Mugello, so the fun was guaranteed.”