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Let me begin with...

February 12, 2008 · Posted by staffFerrari

Dear friends, I noticed with great pleasure that my last post met your approval; something I really had no doubt about, but nevertheless I am extremely proud of and it shows that our Blog is not followed by hooligans of any kind at all. I even want to pick up Francesco’s provocation. As you know I am a huge fan of kartsport and considering the sophisticated technology we could almost take it into consideration…. Kidding aside, what I want to tell you today has to do with the Blog itself, or rather with Blogs in general, or what is a spontaneous movement, which allows users to interact with the other side, which is what differentiates it from newspapers. With this in mind I thought that from now on first of all I need to learn how to use this wonderful way of communication in an appropriate way. So now I immediately want to put into practice what I’ve just said, inviting you to tell us what you think about our new special, we’re preparing for you for the start of the upcoming Formula One season. The special will be divided into different sections, with one I will take care of personally and which will deal with the most important/significant situation/s Ferrari experienced in the past in every single one of the 18 GPs of the upcoming Formula One Championship. For the GPs in Singapore and Valencia there will be a simple description of the track, while for all the other races I want to take into consideration the entire story of the specific GPs; for example as far as the French GP is concerned, when it was held at the circuit in Reims up to the current track of Magny Cours. Please let me know if there are any other editions of the races, which are worth posting, or if you have any anecdotes (even personal ones) you want us to highlight… Australian GP:Raikkonen  2007; Malaysian GP: Schumacher 1999; Bahrain GP: Schumacher 2004; Spanish GP:Villeneuve 1981/Schumacher 1996; Turkish GP:      Massa 2006; Monaco GP: Ascari 1950/Villeneuve      1981; Canadian GP: Villeneuve1979/Alesì 1995; France GP:       Baghetti 1961/Villeneuve 1979; British  GP: Gonzales1951/Collins 1958; Deutschland GP: Ickx 1972/Regazzoni 1974; Magyar GP Ungheria: Mansell 1989/Schumacher 2004; Belgian GP: Schumacher 2004; Italian GP: Fangio 1956/Berger 1988; Japanese GP: Schumacher 2000; Chinese GP: Barrichello 2004;  Brasilian GP: Schumacher 2006/Raikkonen 2007          



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Exciting days ahead
05/09/2012 · Posted By Fernando Alonso(61)
Here we are, on the eve of my home race, the Spanish Grand Prix. It’s always a special event for me, because racing in front of my fans has always been a unique feeling. This topic and my relationship with the fans is something you can find out more about exclusively in the sixth edition of the Scuderia Ferrari Racing News at and, as many of you have been able to read, in the answers I have posted to my followers on @alo_oficial. On the subject of exciteme ... Read all »

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