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The Testa Rossa Awards 2023 edition

Ferrari dealers from around the world have been recognised for their excellence at Maranello’s prestigious awards ceremony
Words: Luke Ponsford

The Prancing Horse is recognised worldwide as a symbol of automotive excellence; a hallmark of cutting-edge design and technology. Yet it’s not just the drivers, designers and engineers who enjoy celebrating the great successes of the brand – those who take pride in supporting Ferrari’s loyal customers deserve plaudits, and awards, as well.

The seventh edition of The Testa Rossa Awards brought together a host of Ferrari’s most dedicated talent and applauded them for yet another year in which they provided the highest quality of service at the brand’s dealerships worldwide.

The awards, which took place at the company’s Maranello HQ last October, consisted of five categories – Top Technician, Top Service Manager, Top After Sales Ambassador, Top Marketing Executive, and Top Sales Executive – with nominees being selected from thousands of employees drawn from Ferrari’s global dealer network, which covers an impressive 11 regions and 21 countries.

The 60 finalists – 12 for each category – were selected from dealerships all around the world, from Europe to Australia to the USA, after successfully completing a series of rigorous customer service tests, with technicians undergoing exacting assessments of their diagnostic and technical skills. The ultimate winners were presented with their awards after coming to Maranello to compete in the final stage of this global challenge.

From left: Top Marketing Executive – Guillaume Ettori, Top Service Manager – Harald Osing, Top After Sales Ambassador – Matthew Grounds, Top Sales Executive – Julian Sion, who also won the award for the second year running, Top Technician – Daniel Dawson, who won also the award for the second consecutive year

All five winners received the official trophy for their category, which The Ferrari Academy allows them to keep displayed in their dealership for a year before it has to be returned and given to the 2024 winner. 2023 winners also received a replica trophy in 1:2 scale, with a tag showing their name, their dealership, the category they won and the year of winning, which they were allowed to keep.

The Ferrari Academy congratulates those who claimed victory in each of their respective categories. The Testa Rossa Awards will be back later this year, rewarding those whose aim is to provide the best possible Ferrari dealership experience – for employees and customers alike. 

This year’s top winners for each category were as follows:

Top Technician – Daniel Dawson – JCT600 Leeds – United Kingdom

Top Service Manager – Harald Osing– Alfred Gohm GmbH – Germany

Top After Sales Ambassador – Matthew Grounds – Ferrari Sydney – Australia

Top Marketing Executive – Guillaume Ettori – SF Cote d'Azur Cannes – France

Top Sales Executive – Julian Sion – Maranello Motors GmbH – Germany