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The Power of Dreams

Collector Feng Shaolun tells of a journey that began as a child spectator at the first Chinese GP and eventually led to him becoming a Ferrari Tailor Made enthusiast
Words: Ben Gu / Photographs: Pavel Shubskiy

Every Ferrari story starts with a memory – usually a first-ever encounter with a Prancing Horse. In this case, that encounter was the inaugural Chinese Formula One Grand Prix, held in Shanghai in 2004, which Ferrari won. 

“I was only nine years old when my father took me to that race,” recollects Ferrari client Feng Shaolun. “I’ll always remember it: that bright red flash, accompanied by the sound of the V10 engine, as it sped past the finishing line. Unforgettable.” That was the magic moment that sparked a passion for Maranello, one that has led this client to become an avid collector of Ferrari cars. And not just any Ferrari cars. Feng is a fan of Tailor Made models. Of which he has three.

Feng Shaolun with his 812 Competizione, one of three Tailor Made cars in his Ferrari collection

A young manager in his successful family business, Feng is passionate about cars and knows more than a thing or two about how they work. He had always had a keen interest in mechanics – as a youth he was a five-time winner of the China National Youth Aerospace Model Championship – and when it was time for university he chose aerospace engineering, a discipline that enabled him to explore and appreciate machinery and speed. He took his degree in California, and it was whilst studying there that he bought his first Ferrari, a California T.

Once he had savoured the California, Feng began to aspire to something more. A fan of race track driving – a passion born in the US where he encountered a vibrant racing culture – he acquired a 488 Pista. Then upon his return to China to work in the family business in Zhengzhou, a new Prancing Horse model came out that caught his eye: the F8 Tributo. That soon became his daily drive. 

The stunning 812 Competizione was ordered in Oro Baviera, a gold hue which reflects the success of Feng's family business, while the car's interior was designed by the specialists at the Tailor Made programme to perfectly complement the exterior

Shortly afterward, he started dreaming about creating a more refined Ferrari collection, one that called for customising his own cars. “I did a test drive of the SF90 Stradale and saw that it would be excellent for both daily drives and on racetracks,” observes Feng. So, he selected an SF90 Spider – he chose the open-top model as he loves the liberating feeling it produces when he’s behind the wheel – and he turned to the experts at the Tailor Made programme. 

“With my ideas and the professional suggestions kindly provided by the specialists of the Tailor Made programme and the whole Ferrari team, my dream finally came true,” he explains. Feng’s SF90 Spider is truly unique: the car’s Bianco Italia body paint was paired with a Blu NART livery, a combination that also found its way into the car’s interior and was inspired by memories of his hometown of Zhengzhou, in Henan province. 

Feng's Tailor Made SF90 Spider features Bianco Italia paintwork with a Blu NART livery. As with the 812 Competizione, the SF90's interior has been designed to beautifully match the exterior

The white paint presents two different colour textures under natural light and shines as a unique shade at night, whilst the high-tech carbon-fibre material is tinted in a blue tone that is exclusive to Ferrari. The joy provided by his Tailor Made SF90 Spider – and the thrill of the whole customisation experience – prompted the avid collector to think about a new project, this time the 812 Competizione.

“This car is such an inspiration to me. It’s the epitome of innovation, and whether it’s in terms of exterior design or engine technology, it builds on the excellence of its predecessors – just like the family business that I cherish,” Feng says. 

"This car is such an inspiration to me," says Feng of his Tailor Made 812 Competizione. A customised 296 GTB will be the next Ferrari to join his prized collection

For the 812 project, the collector chose Oro Baviera for the body, a colour that symbolises the precious metal’s enduring value and versatility, as well as reflecting his desire for his family’s business to be as enduring as gold itself. One Tailor Made has led to another, and Feng is excited to be adding to his collection: the third Prancing Horse he is currently customising is a 296 GTB. 

He smiles, the thought of the latest addition to his collection appearing like a daydream. For the Prancing Horse is always about dreams, and the Tailor Made programme turns such dreams into reality.