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The Ferrari Purosangue New Zealand Grand Tour: Leg One

The tour across scenic New Zealand in the Ferrari Purosangue has begun. In part one of a five-leg series, Koichi Yamaguchi from Japan takes us from Auckland south to spectacular Lake Taupo
Words: Koichi Yamaguchi / Videographer: Stephen Wight/ Photographer: Alastair Brook

Auckland’s skyline, dominated by the Sky Tower, is a striking urban tapestry. Alongside, the marina embodies the 'City of Sails' with its luxurious boats. Amid Auckland's blend of sophistication and coastal charm, the Purosangue stands out effortlessly with its elegant style.

After a rainy day, Auckland welcomes us with early summer sun, illuminating the city for our grand tour. Onlookers on the bustling streets cast covetous glances at the Purosangue, reminiscent of a sculpture hewn from rare natural stone by a master artisan.

Watch as the New Zealand Grand Tour gets underway in the city of Auckland

Tauranga, the picturesque seaside town, is set as the destination for the first day of our journey. In urban traffic, the quiet grace of the Purosangue masks the presence of its commanding and supreme V12 engine. Transitioning onto the highway, this impression endures, seamlessly blending into the rhythm of traffic flow.

As we leave the highway, a breathtaking panorama unfolds — rolling green hills, an unmistakable feature of New Zealand's landscape. Enjoying this splendid view through the windscreen, the car effortlessly glides through a captivating sequence of bends. The car surprises us with remarkable agility, manoeuvring its four-seater body with the nimbleness akin to the 812 GTS. 

Tranquil Tauranga, renowned for its coastal allure, marks the end of the first day.

From the hotel, out through Auckland and south towards Lake Taupo, the Purosangue crossed the unmistakable New Zealand landscape in elegant style

Day two guides us southward toward Lake Taupo, a scenic drive through quintessential Kiwi landscapes. Navigating winding roads flanked by pastoral scenes, the Purosangue maintains its composure. Engaging the Sport mode transforms it into a supercar, a nod to its Maranello origins. 

Our journey includes a short stop in Rotorua, nestled within a sprawling thermal region at the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, famous for its natural hot springs. Amid the towering forest of Redwoods, we enjoy a serene stroll, surrounded by trees reaching far into the sky. Continuing southward towards Lake Taupo, our destination for the day and for the end of leg one of the New Zealand Grand Tour, we encounter enchanting sceneries.

Day two was a driver's paradise of long winding roads, flanking by lush green fields, providing the perfect backdrop to the roar of the powerful Purosangue's

Arriving at Taupo's hilltop villa, our endpoint after our 470 km grand tour, the Purosangue's enduring allure remains undeniable. Despite its proud marks from the day's spirited driving—splashes of mud—the car retains its elegance, a testament to its enduring grace.

With room for four adults and the ability for effortless grand touring on diverse terrains, the Purosangue blends comfort and performance. Its V12 engine, a symphony of Ferrari's prowess, instantly awes. The car blends Ferrari's elegance with innovative versatility.

Gazing upon the expansive expanse of Lake Taupo, revered as the 'Heart of the North Island' in Maori legend, I reflect on my rare and extraordinary two-day journey.