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Shades of Inspiration

A new palette of Alcantara interior colours – inspired by iconic Italian landscapes – are now available as personalisation options for all current Ferrari models
Words: Luke Ponsford

While it’s a most enjoyable process, the purchase of a new Ferrari can make for an intense journey. Choosing the appropriate model, of course, comes first. Then the decision regarding the exterior colour choice must be made, followed by what can be the most satisfying part of the purchasing procedure: deciding on interior colours and materials.

Watch the skilled craftsmen and women at Ferrari as they work with Alcantara® to create unique, personalised vehicle interiors… 

Traditionally, Ferrari interiors have been swathed in leather – on the seats, the door cards, the centre console, the top of the dash. More recent models have benefited from the addition of Alcantara® to their cabins. Offering a combination of sensory, aesthetically pleasing and technical qualities, Alcantara® is light, breathable, and has a high-grip surface – ideal for spirited driving situations. The Alcantara® option is an important part of the personalisation process, giving more choice when it comes to specifying a car that will appeal to a customer’s individual tastes, as well as to their planned usage of the car.

As part of a drive to innovate and expand Ferrari’s range of personalisation options after the launch of the Roma, the Allestimenti Speciali team spent two years working in close synergy with the Ferrari Design Centre to develop a new palette with, initially, 12 new leather shades followed by 12 new Alcantara® colours. These became available on all models following last year’s expansion of Ferrari’s Allestimenti Speciali catalogue. And, after debuting in the Purosangue, all Ferrari models are now available with the latest sustainable Alcantara® and its accompanying palette of timeless shades, inspired by the landscapes of the most iconic Italian destinations; places such as the Amalfi coast, Lake Como, the Italian Alps and the azure seas of Sardinia.

The latest palette of 12 Alcantara® colours has been inspired by the landscapes of iconic Italian destinations, such as the Amalfi coast and Lake Como

Additionally, it's important to note that the most recent version of Alcantara® is comprised of 68% recycled polyester which has been produced in Europe and is certified and derived from post-consumer waste that has been collected, purified and regranulated. As well as being a key player in Ferrari’s quest to use and develop new materials, Alcantara® is helping to make the production process increasingly sustainable, as well as reducing its environmental impact. And that's always a good thing.

Every personalised Ferrari interior receives the personal touch. Whether it be leather or, in this case Alcantara®, the materials chosen are worked with meticulously to ensure that the completed cabin has the perfect finish

But back to that uniquely personal interior choice. Options are numerous and you can configure your Ferrari’s cabin through an extensive range, and combination, of colours. The new Alcantara® colours can, of course, be integrated with Ferrari’s existing palette, or combined with the extensive range of leather options. Alternatively, the same colours can be used throughout the cabin, but with different textures making for a beautifully compelling combination.

The Allestimenti Speciali team worked closely with the Ferrari Design Centre to produce 12 new colour shades, a selection of which are displayed here. These colours are now available in all new Ferrari models

For the more exacting client, the Ferrari Design Centre can provide guidance for optimal interior colour combinations, while customers can be guided through the colour configuration process by personalisation specialists in numerous Ferrari showrooms across the globe.

While the final decision may take some time, and the available colour and material combinations can appear endless, the final result will always be a car that’s as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.