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Inside the Factory: Vehicle Assembly Line

In the next of our Factory series we explore the fascinating vehicle assembly line, where it all comes together
Words: Tim Bradley
Film Editor: Oliver McIntyre

The assembly line is where Ferrari is truly born, a swift and complicated dance between robotics and the human hand, both working in minute detail to produce the perfect finished article - the latest Prancing Horse to roll out of the factory.


A range of freshly painted vehicle chassis arrive at the first stage of the assembly line each day - and more than half of them will be in completely different palettes with clients able to choose from around 2 million colour combinations.

Take a rare look inside the vehicle assembly line at Maranello as Ferraris are put together

The initial stages of the line are completely automated as machines lift the chassis into position using huge ‘C-hooks’. At this point the cars are essentially separated into top and bottom. The bottom will be fitted with the powertrain coming from the engine assembly line, the top is fitted with electrics too and then the top is married to the bottom section.


What follows is a well-drilled and deeply careful series of stages, from fitting important exterior details like the famous Scudetto emblem to installing the heavy, leather-clad dashboards; a difficult task requiring a specialised robot to be guided by hand into the small cabin space, placing the dash carefully without damaging the interior.


At most stages on the assembly line, each highly-skilled technician ensures all the screws and fastenings are tightened and quality checked before moving on to the next vehicle.


Technology-packed steering wheels and seats are carefully put into place by the technicians with special tools to ensure correct fit, the exterior of the car is worked on, with bumpers being fixed on around sensors and headlights positioned on the front and rear.


Meanwhile, amid the rhythmic sounds of sewing machines, experienced workers are taking huge strips of leather, marking it up to note any imperfections, then transferring it to a cutting machine to ensure only the finest parts are used for the car’s upholstery.


At the end of the line, the finished vehicle rolls majestically away, ready to be taken for extensive testing and quality control. And then, the next day, more unfinished cars arrive and the dance begins again…