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Built to Inspire

A full-sized Ferrari 296 GTS, made entirely of LEGO® bricks, takes centre stage at LEGOLAND® Florida’s LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race attraction
Words: Luke Ponsford

While encountering a Ferrari 296 GTS in the sunny climes of central Florida may be an unusual occurrence, coming face-to-face with a life-sized LEGO® replica of one could be considered extremely unlikely. However, from March 8th, visitors to the LEGOLAND® Florida Resort will be welcomed by just such an uncommon sight.

Watch as the LEGOLAND® team – comprising of animators, builders and a designer – painstakingly constructed the replica Ferrari 296 GTS out of LEGO® bricks

At 15 feet long, by 7.5 feet wide, by 4 feet tall, and weighing in at nearly two tons, the LEGO® replica Ferrari 296 GTS features working headlights, an opening driver’s door and a twin-turbocharged V6 engine – which is also made entirely from LEGO® bricks.

Taking 1,850 hours to build, this extraordinary creation was meticulously constructed by a LEGOLAND® team comprising of a designer, six Master Model Builders and three animators, who ensured that every detail matched that of a real Ferrari 296 GTS.

Above, from left: the LEGOLAND® team ensured that the LEGO® replica 296 GTS matched every detail of the real car; the dashboard and seats are made from LEGO®; as is the V6 engine; even the brake discs are constructed using LEGO®

And the purpose behind this, other than fun? The LEGO® 296 GTS has been created to inspire visitors to LEGOLAND® as they enter the garage of the new interactive LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race attraction, where guests have the opportunity to build a LEGO® race car, assess its driveability and performance – on one of three unique test tracks – and then enter a third interactive digital zone where they can customize their car before taking part in a virtual race for the checkered flag. The attraction’s youngest drivers can also participate by creating their own designs in the LEGO DUPLO® build zone, which is stocked with larger bricks designed especially for smaller hands.

The LEGO® 296 GTS has been created to inspire visitors to the new interactive LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race attraction at LEGOLAND® Florida

The 296GTS is the fourth LEGO® life-sized replica built, following on the heels of the F40 at LEGOLAND® California, the Monza SP1 at LEGOLAND® Billund in Denmark, and the Daytona SP3 at LEGOLAND® Windsor in the UK.