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A fantastic new Ferrari attraction has opened at LEGOLAND® in Denmark, including a world-first full-size LEGO® Monza SP1
Words: Tim Bradley

Visitors to LEGOLAND® in Denmark are now able to experience the speed and luxury of Ferrari like never before as a brand-new attraction opens up to the public at Billund.

The fully interactive exhibit is called Ferrari Build and Race, and perfectly pairs the hands-on enjoyment of assembling LEGO® bricks with the thrill of a Prancing Horse from Maranello. Guests at the attraction are able to put together their very own Ferrari creation and then have their car digitally scanned, before it is put it to the test on a digital racetrack.

But not just any racetrack - the circuit in question is Ferrari’s own personal testing and development ground at Fiorano in Italy. 

The most powerful V12 to ever leave the gates of Maranello - the Ferrari Monza SP1 - has been lovingly recreated from LEGO® bricks 

It marks the second such opening after the successful Ferrari Build & Race debuted at Legoland California in May 2022. LEGOLAND® Billund CEO Christian Woller said of the partnership: “Ferrari is a world known brand, setting the standard for luxury and excellence within the automotive world, and we are looking forward to presenting a brand-new type of interactive attraction in collaboration with Ferrari.”

Visitors are able to test their building skills on a digital version of the famous Fiorano circuit at Maranello

In addition to the new attraction, guests to the LEGOLAND® site will also be able to marvel at a full-size LEGO® model of Ferrari’s iconic open-top supercar, the Monza SP1. There are also fun Ferrari facts to learn, plus racing gear to try out and awards to be handed out. 

And for younger Ferrarista, there are other elements to the attraction which are sure to excite the senses, with physical test tracks featuring loops and ramps that can be used to get the most from the cars. There’s even LEGO DUPLO® for the smallest attendees to build their own dream vehicles, so that nobody is left out. 

Ferrari Factory Driver Nicklas Nielsen attended the inauguration event to unveil the The LEGO® Monza SP1. The car's intricate details covered every unique design aspect of the real-life Prancing Horse

As if that weren’t enough, Ferrari will also be racing into the Royal Borough of Windsor in the UK this summer as a Build and Race attraction also arrives at the British LEGOLAND® site. 

It features three distinct zones for fans to enjoy, named The Garage, Build and Test, and Race. Again, once the cars are put together, guests are able to have them digitally scanned and then put to the test at the Pista di Fiorano circuit. 

A perfect fit: So precise is the LEGO® build that real-life components, such as the steering wheel, fit perfectly inside the cockpit  

Helen Bull, Divisional Director of LEGOLAND® Windsor, said ‘We’re extremely excited about this unique and full throttle partnership. Welcoming Ferrari to the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort is a big moment for us – I’m looking forward to testing the drive and creativity of all our guests at the new Ferrari Build and Race attraction this Summer!’