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    Miami Grand Prix 2022 by Giovanni P. Timpano

    Miami 04 maggio 2022


    Giovanni P. Timpano is an Italian comic book artist active mainly on the American market. He makes his debut in 2013 for Dynamite on “The Shadow”, which he draws — between the regular series, various miniseries and one-shot specials — for 5 years, ending his run with the 2017 crossover “The Shadow/Batman”. For Dynamite he also works on “Lone Ranger”, “Green Hornet”, “Justice Inc.” and “Vampirella”. In 2016 he creates with Zack Kaplan the 16-issue limited series “Eclipse”, published by Image Comics. In 2020 he begins his collaboration with Activision on the in-game comics for the videogame “Call of Duty Mobile”, working on both short stories and illustrations for events such as “Warzone” and “Cold War”. He is currently drawing his first Italian comic book, written by Italian director Fabio Guaglione and published by Panini Comics.

    Cover art by Giovanni P. Timpano