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    Quali recap: Carlos fifth, Charles seventh

    Mexico City 29 ottobre 2022

    Clear skies, temperatures: air 25; track 45.

    Q1.  Carlos and Charles wait a few minutes before going out, giving the track time to improve. Charles laps in 1’19”505 while Carlos posts a 1’19”566. The times are good enough to make the cut to Q2.

    Q2.  Carlos and Charles go out on used Soft tyres, lapping in 1’19”109 and 1’19”234. Then on new tyres, Carlos improves to 1’18”560, but Charles does not go quicker, but they both go through to the final part.

    Q3. In the final part, Carlos laps in 1’18”351, good enough for fifth, while Charles is seventh in 1’18”555.