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    Race recap: Carlos fourth, Charles sixth

    A few drops of rain, temperatures 19° air; 26° track.

    Budapest 31 luglio 2022

    A few drops of rain, temperatures 19° air; 26° track.

    Start.  At the start Carlos and Charles kept their second and third places with the Spaniard trying to pass George Russell, but had to slip in behind him. On the second lap, the Virtual Safety Car was called because of debris at turn 2.

    Lap 16. Russell changes tyres, so that Sainz leads from Leclerc.

    Lap 17. Carlos pits, taking on another set of Mediums. The stop is 3.7 seconds and he comes out behind Fernando Alonso in seventh place. Charles leads.

    Lap 20. Hamilton also pits. Leclerc leads from Russell and Sainz.

    Lap 21. Charles comes in for Mediums, rejoining second ahead of Carlos and behind Russell.

    Lap 31. After a three lap duel, Charles attacks and passes Russell to lead the race.

    Lap 40. Charles pits for Hards and rejoins third. Sainz leads, while Max Verstappen passes Leclerc. The Dutchman then spins and Charles is back in front.

    Lap 47. Carlos pits for Soft tyres, rejoining fifth behind Russell.

    Lap 53. Russell passes Charles who stops for Soft tyres.

    Lap 54. Charles pits and takes on Softs.

    Lap 63. Hamilton passes Carlos who drops to fourth, while Charles is sixth.

    Finish. At the flag, Verstappen wins from Hamilton and Russell. Carlos is fourth and Charles sixth.