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    Quali recap: Carlos on pole, Charles third

    Silverstone 02 luglio 2022

    Rain falls five minutes before the start of the session. Temperature: air 16°, track 22°

    Q1. The rain means everyone goes out on Intermediate tyres. On his first flying lap, Charles does a 1’47”521 and Carlos a 1’49”642. As is usual in the wet, the drivers stay out. Leclerc gets down to 1’43”028 then 1’42”129, 1’40”785, 1’40”630 and 1’39”846; Sainz does a 1’43”463, then 1’42”278, 1’40”615 and 1’40”190. Both drivers are through to Q2.

    Q2. The rain increases in intensity. Leclerc posts a 1’43”617, Sainz a 1’44”834, then everyone improves. Charles sets a time of 1’41”247, with Carlos clocking a 1’41”602. The rain gets even heavier and no drivers improve their times, with both Ferrari men getting through to the final part of the session.

    Q3. For the top ten shoot-out everyone again went out on Intermediate tyres. Charles started with a 1’50”297, Carlos a1’52”022. They push on. Charles improves to 1’44”844, 1’43”246, 1’41”298; Carlos’ run is 1’46”098, 1’45”264, 1’42”181 and finally a fantastic 1’40”983 to take the first pole position of his career. Charles will start from third.