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    A disappointing Saturday

    Scuderia Ferrari continues to have a difficult time at the Belgian Grand Prix weekend.

    Francorchamps 28 agosto 2021

    Scuderia Ferrari continues to have a difficult time at the Belgian Grand Prix weekend. Qualifying was run in the rain with changing track conditions and neither driver managed to make the cut into Q3, which decides the order for the top ten on the grid. Charles was 11th fastest in Q2 in 1’57”721, with Carlos 13th in 1’58”137.

    Focus on the race. Compared to free practice yesterday and this morning, the SF21 performance has improved slightly but not enough to allow the two drivers to contest the positions they usually fight for. The team is already focussing on tomorrow’s race, which looks like being affected by similarly unpredictable weather. As usual, the goal is to pick up as many points as possible, trying to make the most of any opportunities that present themselves. 

    Charles Leclerc #16

    "Qualifying was tricky for us today. It was a shame as I was quite satisfied with the car balance and our overall performance wasn’t bad considering the track conditions. With hindsight, maybe it would have been better to delay the tyre change in Q2, but that’s easy to say after the event. I think that the most important thing for all of us today is to see Lando walk away from his crash unharmed. Now we have to concentrate on the race. It will be tough but at the same time, exciting with the weather no doubt playing an important role."

    Carlos Sainz #55

    "It has been a difficult weekend so far, especially today. We kind of expected it after the feeling we had from FP3. I’m not happy because I always enjoy driving in the wet. However, the balance and the grip weren’t there today. We struggled to get the front temperatures up and we had no feeling under braking. We need to look into it. Also, today was about getting out on track at the right time with the right tyre. With rain coming and going so quickly it was very difficult to get it right and we might have lost a bit of lap time there too, but it’s always easier to say it with hindsight. Finally, I’m glad Lando walked away unharmed from that scary crash. Lets see what the weather brings tomorrow. We’ll do our best to get the best result possible. "

    Laurent Mekies, Racing Director

    "Our qualifying performance was well below our usual standard and so far this whole weekend has proved very difficult for us. We have not yet managed to get the most out of our car, neither in the dry nor in the wet, although the situation has improved slightly.  When the conditions change very quickly, as they did today, it’s never easy to find the right moment to go out, while it’s always easy to judge with hindsight. Having said that, it’s what happens tomorrow afternoon that counts, after the chequered flag has been waved. We can expect to have a very tough race, presumably running in similar conditions to today’s. Therefore the priority will be to stay calm and make the most of any opportunities that come our way."