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    Race recap: Charles and Carlos both retire

    Temperature: air 28°, track 56°. All front runners start on Medium tyres.

    Baku 12 giugno 2022

    Temperature: air 28°, track 56°

    All front runners start on Medium tyres.

    Start. At the start, Perez gets ahead of Charles, while Carlos stays fourth.

    Lap 9. Carlos stops with a technical problem. Virtual Safety Car. 

    Lap 10. Charles pits for Hard tyres.

    Lap 11. The race resumes with Perez ahead of Max Verstappen, with Charles third.

    Lap 17. Perez pits for Hard tyres, dropping to third behind Charles. 

    Lap 20. Verstappen also pits for Hard tyres, rejoining second behind Charles.

    Lap 22. Charles has to retire with a PU problem.